Van Mom Strikes Again” is a former Pioneer Press column that ran every Thursday. “Van Mom” made its debut on March 22, 2007 and ran until August 2012, or for five years.

The Pioneer Press is part of the Chicago Sun-Times and distributes a chain of newspapers throughout the Chicago suburbs.

(PDF format)

“Mom’s the Beast, Er, Best” (2007)

“It’s the 4 a.m. Friends That Matter” (2012)
Van Mom_Its the 4 AM Friends that Matter

“The Silly Arguments” (that couples make, from 2011)
Van Mom_The Silly Arguments

“The One-Point Lead” (2011) — about kids & basketball
Van Mom_The One Point Lead

“Ear, Nose & By the Throat,” (2009)
hypochondria lives!
Van Mom_Ear Nose and By the Throat_

“They’re In Their Places,” (2011),
about the loveliness of ordinary days.
Van Mom_Theyre In Their Places

“Comforting Old Dogs During Storms,” (2011)
Van Mom_Old Dogs and Storms


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