Q & A

What do you write?
Humor and stuff, including fiction.

Where else has your work appeared?

When I blogged for “Chicago Moms” a couple of years back, I wrote about those goofy Cialis bathtubs and that Smilin’ Bob guy (from the rather lurid ExtenZe commercials). A MSN editor asked if she could feature me on their MSN portal, which was kinda cool. I wrote articles for Chicago Parent and Tallahassee Woman, too.

Who did the terrific “Van Mom” cartoon?

That’s Eric Allie’s talent!  He’s the editorial cartoonist for the Pioneer Press and is also syndicated. Find him here and subscribe to his e-newsletter.


Chicago Parent
It’s Due Tomorrow,” on those pesky last-minute school projects.
A Lucky Mom’s One-of-a-Kind Journey,” on Asperger’s syndrome.

Trick or Treat, Mr. Goodbar,” placed 2nd on the HumorPress website, Aug-Sept. 2006

When Boys Start Liking Girls,”
(click on PDF link here: Tal_Woman_Boys_Like Girls_2011)

Weight & See,”
(click on PDF link here: Tal_Woman_Weight and See)


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